All Supernova Colors® are certified through the FDA. 

Confetti + Co has been certified by the FDA to repack certified colorants through our parent company Fitz Designs, LLC. We receive our own unique batch number only available to our company from the FDA for our colorants. These numbers will be printed on your product. Please be sure to verify a company is selling certified colorant as FDA requires certified colorants if selling products in the US.

You can find the companies certified on the FDA website here

Mixture Exemption:

§80.35 Color additive mixtures; certification and exemption from certification….
(b) Color additive mixtures exempted from certification. A color additive mixture prepared from a previously certified batch of one or more straight colors, with or without any diluent that has been listed in part 73 of this chapter for use in mixtures, shall be exempt from batch certification if the straight color used has not changed in composition in any manner whatsoever since its certification and if it is simply mixed with the approved diluents for exempt mixtures. The label of such color additive mixtures shall not bear the lot number assigned by the Food and Drug Administration to the certified straight color components, but shall bear the manufacturer's control number through which the history of the straight color can be determined."